Just being yourself is the highest teaching I found in my life. That’s why these pages are called…Just Thierry. It’s all about authenticity and creating from your core essence.

I am born in Rotterdam and grew up next to the biggest oil refinery of the World at that time where my father worked as an engineer. Always wondered if that eventually inspired me to become an inspired sustainability innovator, internet entrepreneur and transformationele coach. Over the years trough lifes ups and downs I became a kind of “New” Renaissance person, with a diverse experience and talents and tools. A bit of a cross over between a sustainable business visionary and a mystic. The essence of my life is to Serve in the Great Transition that I believe is happening towards a sustainable economy and society. Indigenous cultures inspired me to dedicate my work and life to the Good of All of LIFE and the next Seven generations.

This is in my vision the Great Work of this century. Over the years I have had the privilege to study and work with many of the greatest visionaries of our time. In the blog pages I will share some of them and hope their vision inspire you as much as they inspired me.

One of them is the visionary founder of Visa International, the biggest business network in the World. In his book , “Birth of the Chaordic Age” he wrote:

“We are at that very point in time when a 400-year-old age is dying and another is struggling to be born – a shifting of culture, science, society and institutions enormously greater than the world has ever experienced. Ahead, the possibility of regeneration of individuality, liberty, community and ethics such as the world has never known, and a harmony with nature, with one another and with the divine intelligence such as the world has always dreamed.”

Dee Hock, Founder of Visa International