Grand Jury Corona investigation

The Grand Jury’s Corona investigations may well lead to the most important lawsuit of our lifetime. A group of leading lawyers, scientists and doctors has been researching the reality behind the corona plan for two years behind the scenes. This is because, like many, they wondered where this came from. And they started to get people coming to their office with alarming personal experiences. What they discovered is shocking may seem implausible at first. But looking at the historical context, we see that this has a long history and preparation. Dr Reiner Fulmich from Germany is has set up landmark lawsuits against Volkswagen (Emission fraud) and Deutsche Bank. It is not my intention to impose my opinion on anyone. But simply give you the information and decide for yourself what is true and make your own decisions.

The truth will set us free!

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Links to research website.

All the information and video material can be found at and . The video’s from the hearings are all about 5 to 6 hours. Summaries will be made in the coming weeks.

Summary videos with Dutch subtitles can be found on this website.

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Crimes Against Humanity tour USA.

From April 23th till June the Corona Investigation team lead by Dr. Reiner Fulmich will go on tour to different cities in the USA. See website for details.

Planet Lockdown documentary.

This is the best documentary that features many of the experts, scientists. People who worked for the WHO, doctors, vaccine developers etc explaining what really happened the last two years.

Healing the tears of our ancestors

 What happens in the world affects us all.  First, it can appear as a fear of an invisible virus.  Or maybe you are angry with society and the government because of all the restrictions.

What I have learned is that these deep emotions often have their roots in the past of our family and country’s history.  The bible already said that Jesus Christ could see that this goes back at least 7 generations.  Modern psychology has elaborated this further. recently I found out for myself again it is true, which I will explain in this article. 

 The history of the goat riders.

When I recently felt through my frustration with the current rules and such, the process brought me to the distant past of part of my mother’s family.  They then lived in South Limburg, near Valkenburg.  Even then this was already a three-country area.  With the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the east and the French Empire in the South.  It was around 1770, so before the French Revolution.  The common people were exploited with far too high taxes to pay for the war years.  Soldiers simply took the last food away from farmers because they don’t earn much themselves.

At that time, a group known as the goat riders arose in that region.  At night, disguised with goatskin over their heads, they went to eat from rich gentlemen farmers, nobility and also monasteries and “retrieve” riches.  The biggest monastery in the area Rolduc was also the owner of the mines. People worked there in terrible work situation for a meager salary. In the monastery life was good and with the income the abbot had a library built in beautiful Rococo style (see picture).

After a period of success, the group was finally arrested.  People were brutally tortured to extract a confession.  Some were crucified.  From court records of that time, I have learned that some of my family members were also arrested, tortured and hanged.

For those who are interested, there is a beautiful Dutch TV series that is complete on YouTube about the goat riders.

How deep this pain is became clear to me when I realized that even 7 generations later in this branch of the family there are still people with disabilities, and cases of suicide.

 My experience with this piece of history and other pieces is that the past has lessons in it, and that we don’t have to repeat it.

 Master class.

 Over the years I have learned powerful methods for healing deep issues in the family tree.  And thus to be able to let go of the past and to take the wise lessons with you in the now.

 Inspired by this special time, I am organising a special master class.  In this I tell more about the backgrounds of the methods and also give you the opportunity to see & heal your history.

 It is an ancient tradition to leave the past behind at the end of the year.  So use that energy to make a fresh start in the new year!