Life Coaching

During my own life path I learned powerful methods & techniques for self development and mastering all the challenges of life. In my experience there are three areas, Healing, Presencing and Visioning and Manifestation.

Healing and transforming blockages and trauma that hold you back. This can show up in your health, finaces, conflicts etc. As a life coach I know this is an often overlooked issue. From personal experience I know that every obstacle we experience holds a seed and a potential. I work with a set of powerful techniques from modern integral psychology, the Internal Family Systems and Holodynamics. This is often combined with sacred teachings from Buddhism and Shamanic healing which helps you to reconnect with the source of life again. You can read a bit about my personal experience in this blog article Healing the tears of our ancestors.

Presencing. For more than 30 years personal development and meditation have been a foundation in my life. Throughout the years and the ups an downs of life the journey went from releasing stress, creating stillness towards personal transformation and living from my core or soul. I am very sure that these times of great transition will bring many people back to their essence and soul mission. In my experience it starts from the inside out. The many tools and teachings I learned are both from modern integral psychology and science and the great wisdom traditions. As a guide and coach I love to help you find the practices and tools that fit you.

Visioning and Creating the future of your life and business from the heart/ essence. Over the last twenty years I have guided people with living from their essence. Inspired by the vision of Conscious Evolution Nowadays I see many more inspired beings. There is a lot of research showing that since the 1960’s a growing group of people have pioneered and paved the way for a different society. More social, health conscious, meditative, sustainable to name a few key words. The Gateway to Conscious Evolution is still the best framework I know that brings your personal journey into the Shift we are in as society.

I am a certified:
Gateway to Conscious Evolution Life Coach and Mentor
Holodynamics coach
Cultural transformation consultant.