The Wheel of Cocreation

The Age of Conscious Evolution.

During the early 2000’s my life totally changed. While most people where into the aftermath of the 9/11/2001 events in New York and the war against terrorism I went on a Quest. A gap year out in the vast wilderness of Australia inspired me to find out what was really going on in the World. Meeting and studying the work of a wide variety of visionaries on global change it was one person who brought all the processing together for me. Her name, the American visionary futurist Dr. Barbara Marx Hubbard,

With her vision, Conscious Evolution she shows that right now we are in the middle of an epic Evolutionary Transition towards an sustainable World civilzation. By mapping trends and change in every sector of society she showed that this change is happening everywhere. The Wheel of Cocreation summarizes this beautifully. (☝️).

Overview Effect

Barbara’s work started in the 1960’s when the first astronauts showed us planet earth from above.