Payment Details

The intention is to make my services available to everyone independent of your financial situation.

Therefore I have created 3 service rates to serve every need.

Business services

For professionals and business owners I offer both in person business strategy advice and personal transformation coaching. You can have the greatest vision. But if there are emotional blockages or the vision is not aligned with who you are it doesn’t work. Sustainable business starts from the inside out.

Base business rate: € 90 per hour.

Private coaching

For individuals I primarily offer transformation and soul/ career coaching to help you with developing of a happy, healthy and meaningful and successful life

Base private rate: € 45 per hour

Grassroots rate.

To support new initiatives and people who are in need or financial transition I offer a special grassroots rate. This works very simple: I offer my services and ask your full commitment with this. Afterwards accordingly to how you value the support and matching your financial situation you pay in exchange. My experience shows that free service doesn’t work. So it’s not a free service.

Payment details.

Payment can be done either trough bank transfer: Revolut Bank

Bank transfer details: Thierry Michael de Wijn

IBAN: LT54 3250 0847 2255


PayPal transfer for overseas clients: pay with PayPal